The most memorable dining experiences are the ones in which we are immersed in exceptional food and conversation. XII is a monthly pop up dinner series celebrating local ingredients with spices and flavors from around the globe.

In the ever changing landscape of the restaurant industry, our goal is to showcase how different cuisines and individuals from all walks of life can come together to share a spectacular meal at one table.

Instead of conventional titles, we simply define our dinners as numbers. Numbers are neutral. There is no preconceived notion of what to expect.  Our dinners are the unforeseen journey of what can come out of thoughtful collaboration by industry pioneers. Simply put, leave the day behind, place your evening in our hands and be open to the XII shared dining experience.

What You “Knead” to Know

Our Definition of a Communal Dining Experience

We seat everyone at one or two tables, with no reserved seating.  This gives the you an opportunity to meet new people.  We will serve and explain each course so we will do our best not to interrupt your conversation, but the meal will be paced based on the kitchen’s timing.

Dietary Restrictions

We recommend you choose a dinner that speaks to you and takes into account your dietary restrictions as well as religious and ideological choices. If you have any serious allergies we request that you let us know via email [] three business days in advance.


Because our locations are ever-changing we do not flat out offer BYOB as an option.  We will try to include a pairing wherever possible [This is also why we have a range in our pricing].  If there is an option to purchase additional beverages on-site, we will let you know ahead of time so you can come prepared.  

Why We Work with Tickets instead of Reservations

We aim to fill every seat and give our guests an energetic dining environment with no last minute setup or kitchen changes.

What’s Included with Your Ticket

Our tickets include the tasting menu, great company and of course a gratuity [we want to take care of hardworking folks that will take care of you throughout the night].  We would like to prevent the end of a meal becoming a transaction situation.


Just like that Beyonce concert, the Caps game last week or the elusive tickets to see Hamilton, our ticket sales cannot be exchanged for a different night or refunded after purchasing. So if you cannot make it, tickets are transferable. Feel free to invite your roommate, Uncle Pat or stunt double to fill in for you.

Please let us know via email [] who's coming in your absence so we have their information. [Please note that all tickets purchased on the secondary market are completely at the buyer’s risk].

How can I buy a Ticket for a Party of 8 or more Diners?

The largest party size we accommodate via the normal ticketing process is 8 people. If you have a larger party you can inquire about booking XII for a private event. If you purchase multiple sets of tickets we can’t guarantee that we will be able to seat everyone together - but we will try!


Sorry - tickets only.


We are starting the meal based on the majority of the group being present and ready to dig in. If you are late you will miss courses for which you are not present.

More Questions?

Reach out to us at