Johanna's Table offers a wide array of individualized services. From restaurants and pioneers within the service industry to private clients in the comfort of their own home- Johanna's Table creates a personalized and tailored experience based on their individual needs. 


Private Events & Boutique Catering

Johanna's Table has curated a great team of individuals that are happy to assist in your private event and boutique catering needs. First, we offer private event models based on our XII by Johanna's Table Pop Up Dinner Series. We can provide the venue or utilize your own. These dinners can be customized based on seasonality, cuisines and the number of courses you select. Secondly, Johanna's Table can cater to your reception style event needs. We are here to adhere to your vision. Please email if you are interested in working with us.

Recipe & Menu Development

It is always important to stay objective and cultivate new ideas to stay relevant within the industry. Johanna's Table is happy to offer that fresh perspective where needed. From recipe testing and menu development to advising specifically on Back of the House management and P&L, Ordering and Inventory Systems], Johanna's Table is uniquely qualified. Chef Johanna Hellrigl has helped open restaurants and create systems, menus and reduce food costs where necessary. Please email for more information.

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Cooking Classes

Today, if you want to learn a new skill in the kitchen you are either left to watch a video or take a class in a fancy kitchen making things you will probably never make again. At Johanna's Table, we come to you so your experience is personalized and your education in the kitchen is realistic to what you have at home. From meal prepping for the week with your family, a date night for a couple passionate about cooking or a girls [or boys] night to get together with friends- a Johanna's Table cooking class is an experience you won't regret because you will walk away with something tangible! If you are a participant or the host for a Johanna's Table cooking class, please complete survey in advance of the class.

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Custom Baked Goods

There are not many places in the Washington, D.C. area that will personalize your orders. At Johanna's Table, you can have your baked goods tailored to your specific requests. You can either select every detail or you can let us present you with several options to choose from. There is a wide array of items to choose from. Please complete the request form below to help guide your custom baked good order.