200 g semolina
200 g Type 00 flour or all purpose flour
2 large organic eggs
8 organic yolks


Special Equipment:

Rolling pin

Pasta maker

Pasta maker attachment for cutting the pasta to your preferred size



Take a large wooden cutting board out and place somewhere you have ample room to move around;

Place flour on the cutting board and create a well with an opening in the center of the flour. Make sure you put the flour up high enough around the hole- think of a water resevoir. Your hole should be wide, about 6 inches or so in diameter but don't bring out any measurements! This is supposed to be messy;

Pour the two eggs and egg yolks in the center of the well;

Use a fork to beat the eggs slightly and begin to incorporate the flour;

Continue to incorporate the flour using your hands until all of the flour and eggs are well mixed together. The dough should be a bit tough to work with but if the dough is too dry, add a bit of water; if it is too soft, add a bit more flour;

Continue to knead the dough with your hand for about 10 minutes or so and form a ball;

Place in bowl and cover with plastic wrap and leave to rest for an hour in a darker location (not under the light);

When ready to roll out your pasta, dust your cutting board with flour and semolina;

Cut your dough depending on the size of your pasta maker- mine is quite small so I cut the dough into an inch thick piece or so;

Roll out with rolling pin to make a longer piece with the width of the pasta machine size;

Put the sheet through the pasta machine 2-3 times, continously making the setting smaller. This is how you get the right thickness you are looking for for your pasta. I usually end up on setting 5;

Follow with the pasta machine addition to slice into tagliatelle;

Place pasta through the pasta machine addition and then place pasta on another cutting board dusted with semolina;

Repeat for remaining dough; and

Cook immediately or store in freezer with plenty of semolina so it does not stick together.