It is a perfect pasta that was inspired by the cinnamon we were able to get on our trip to Sri Lanka. The cinnamon farm we visited near Galle has bark and ground cinnamon that is earthy and less sweet than what you find in your average grocery store. I would encourage you to shop around for some to taste the difference! 

 Serves 6


500 grams Type 00 Flour


teaspoons Ground Cinnamon (Sri Lankan, More Earthy Cinnamon)

Semolina flour, for rolling and dusting


ounces Fresh Mascarpone

packet Stracciatella di Bufula, sliced

pinches Freshly ground nutmeg 

pinches Freshly ground black pepper

pinch salt

bunch fresh spinach, stems removed and washed

1/3 cup Freshly grated parmigiano reggiano (for pasta sauce)

1/2 cup Freshly grated parmigiano reggiano (for serving, optional)

tablespoons fresh cream

garlic cloves, minced

tablespoons unsalted butter


Take a large wooden cutting board out and place somewhere you have ample room to move around; Place flour on the cutting board and create a well with an opening in the center of the flour. Make sure you put the flour up high enough around the hole- think of a water reservoir. Your hole should be wide, about 4 inches or so in diameter but don't bring out any measurements! This is supposed to be messy; Pour the five eggs in the center of the well; Add the Cinnamon to the center and use a fork to beat the eggs slightly and begin to incorporate the flour; Continue to incorporate the flour using your hands until all of the flour and eggs are well mixed together. The dough should be a bit tough to work with but if the dough is too dry, soak your hands in a bit of water to help knead; if it is too soft, add a bit more flour; Continue to knead the dough with your hand for about 10 minutes or so and form a ball; Place in bowl and cover with plastic wrap and leave to rest for an hour in a darker location (not under the light) or in the fridge; When ready to roll out your pasta, dust your cutting board with flour and semolina; Cut your dough depending on the size of your pasta maker- mine is quite small so I cut the dough into an inch thick piece or so (came out to 5 slices); Roll out with rolling pin to make a longer piece with the width of the pasta machine size; Put the sheet through the pasta machine 2-3 times,continuously  making the setting smaller. This is how you get the right thickness you are looking for for your pasta. I usually end up on setting 4 or 5; Follow with the pasta machine addition to slice into tagliatelle; Place pasta through the pasta machine addition and then place pasta on another cutting board dusted with semolina; and Repeat for remaining dough.

In a large pot, prepare water for pasta to boil with some sea salt; When water starts to boil, add pasta, stir occasionally and cook for several minutes until it begins to float and is al dente when you taste it; Place pasta in colander and let it sit while you prepare the sauce; Place butter in pot over medium heat and add garlic once melted; Cook garlic for several minutes to add flavor to the butter; Add the spinach and saute in the garlic butter until almost weltering; Lower heat and add mascarpone in and mix in will with wooden spoon; Add straciatella di bufula and when it begin to melt well, re add the pasta along with the cream and 1/3 cup of parmigiano reggiano; Mix all together until well combined gently using tongs; Grate nutmeg and black pepper and season with salt; Taste to make sure well spiced and add more cream if the pasta needs it ;and Remove and serve immediately with freshly grated parmigiano reggiano on top.