Bone broth is something that you probably have already made often- with left over chicken bones or from your roasted turkey. This bone broth is made with beef bone marrow bones and like all the hype you read about today, it has many nutritional and health benefits. But so do the spices I have carefully selected to use in this spiced broth-from fresh turmeric to savory cinnamon and cardamom- you will find this to be the welcoming addition to your winter soups. You will need a very large stock pot. If this is not what you have, you will need to cut the recipe and half and cook in batches. Make sure you also have enough containers or mason jars for storing and freezing. You will also need a good 6 hours at least to make this recipe.



6 Pounds of Organic Grass Fed Beef Bone Marrow Bones

3 Medium Pieces Fresh Turmeric, Peeled and Sliced

1/2 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar

4-6 Dried Red Pepper Chilies

2 Leeks, Cleaned and Roughly Chopped

2 Fennel Bulbs, Stalks and Fronds Only

1 Pound of Carrots, Scrubbed 

3 Shallots, Halved Skin On

1 Yellow Onion, Quarted Skin On 

1 Entire Stalk of Celery, Bottom Removed, Celery Leaves Used

3 Bay Leaves

2 Tbsp Whole Coriander Seeds

1-2 Tbsp Sri Lankan Cinnamon, or to taste

1 Tbsp Ground Turmeric, or to taste

1-2 Tbsp Cardamom, or to taste

1 Tbsp Black Pepper, or to taste

Pink Himalayan Mineral Salt, to taste



Preheat oven to 400 F and place all of the bones on a sheet pan;

Roast bones for 30-45 minutes until browned;

In the meantime place all of the ingredients in the very large stock pot except for the dried ground spices at the bottom of the ingredient list (this does not include the whole coriander seeds);

When the bones have finished roasting, remove from the sheet pan and add them to the stock pot on top of the vegetables;

Add water into the stock pot, enough to cover the bones in water and let it sit with the apple cider vinegar without any heat for 1 hour;

After the hour has passed, this helps the apple cider vinegar extract the nutrients from the bones, bring the broth to a boil;

Once it had reached a boil, add the spices and reduce the heat. Cover and simmer the broth for 5 hours or more. You will want to continue to check on the broth and see if it needs any more seasoning. The longer time, the better;

When the broth is ready, turn the heat off and let the broth cool down a bit;

Prepare all of your containers for the broth. If you plan on freezing the broth, you will need to leave some room in the container for when it expands. The broth can last in the fridge for 5 days and it can last in the freezer for months... although I don't think you'll be able to wait that long to use it all!

With a chinois, ladle the soup into it over a container. Continue with remaining soup and containers removing the ingredients left in the chinois when necessary;

Allow the soup to cool before placing them all in the fridge to cool overnight with no lid; and

The next day when the fat has risen and hardened at the top, remove all of the fat with a spoon and then place a lid on the broth. Place the broth back in the fridge or freezer.