A quick recipe for two for Monkfish in Agrodolce Sauce with Sautéed Fennel, Spanish Onions, Golden Raisins, Toasted Almonds & Dill.



1 Pound of Fresh Monkfish, be sure to clean thoroughly and remove blue membrane (make sure you also check for worms, yes worms, before purchasing!)

2 Bulbs of Fennel, Cleaned, Stems removed and Sliced Thick on Mandolin or Chopped into medium-sized pieces

1/2 Cup of Dill Sprigs

1 Spanish Onion, Roughly Chopped

50g of Golden Raisins

50g of Toasted Almonds, Slivered or Roughly Chopped

50g of Raw Turbinado Sugar

3/4 Cup of White Wine Vinegar

1 Lemon, Sliced in Half

Some White Wine for Cooking

Some Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Cooking

Sea Salt, To Taste



Preheat your oven to 450 F;

In a small saucepan, combine the white wine vinegar and sugar over medium heat. Stir occasionally until sugar is dissolved and then keep it on a low heat until ready to use;

In a saute pan, heat some olive oil over medium high heat;

Add the chopped onions and saute until softened;

Add the fennel and continue to saute and move around to ensure that it does not stick to the bottom of the pan. Add some more olive oil if neccessary and lower the heat when the vegetables have softened;

Sprinkle the monkfish with some sea salt and olive oil;

In another non stick pan, heat some olive oil over high/ medium heat;

Add the monkfish and cook for two minutes on one side, and then two minutes on the other;

When you're about to hit the the end of the last two minutes, squeeze 1/2 of lemon and some white wine over the fish;

Immediately place the fish in the oven and cook for 6-8 minutes depending on size and strength of your oven;

While the fish is cooking, lower the heat on the fennel and onions and add the golden raisins, dill and toasted almond;

When the heat is really all the way down and you are almost ready to take the fish out, add the agrodolce to the fennel and onions mixture and let it sit covered; and 

Remove the fish from the oven and serve with the fennel and sauce scooped on top, as well as the remaining lemon half.